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Microblading and other PMU procedures can be a painful process for some, that’s why I developed PINK GEL®! Clients love it, and it makes the whole experience so much easier for you and the beautiful Client you’re working with!

What is PInk Gel?

PINK GEL is a fast-acting, local anesthetic specially developed for permanent makeup procedures. 

Benefits and Applications
of pink gel

PMU ARTISTS: We created PINK GEL® to keep your clients feeling comfortable as they undergo their permanent makeup procedures. Pain is a common fear clients have going into PMU procedures. We understand the importance of keeping your clients feeling as great as they look!

💗  Developed by an actual PMU artist

💗  Dermatologist approved

💗  Safe for all skin types

💗  Works in 90 seconds or less!

💗  Less Swelling

💗  Better Retention

What’s in PINK GEL® numbing? 

💖 4% Lidocaine 

💖 2% Tetracaine  

💖 0.02% Epinephrine  


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This Pink GEL will DOUBLE your clients and give you positive reviews. Clients DO NOT like to feel pain and avoid this, and I created PINK GEL – Based on my own experience. My CLIENTS love it, and the stories about how: “They do not feel any pain “spread fast & my clients doubled real quick.

Testimonials of
Pink Gel

Behind Pink Gel

Victoria Racca, or Victoria Glam, CEO of The Microblading Institute, is a Platinum American Academy of Micropigmentation trainer. She has been a permanent makeup artist for 5 years and operates on a platform of colleagues, not competitors. She spearheaded the group Permanent Cosmetics of Louisiana and is a prominent member of the AAM. She is also the sole proprietor of Pink Gel numbing gel used worldwide.

Victoria Racca - Owner of The Microblading Institute Platinum American Academy of Micropigmentation trainer Specializing in Microblading, Powderfill & Combo brows
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